Boys Varsity Cross Country, Boys Varsity Track · In their own words

With no results to post New Albany track/cross country will feature a current athlete “In Their Own Words”, a reflection of their time on their team of choice. This week we feature freshman Aaron Lord.

Achievements include: scoring member of 2020 semi-state qualifying team. Qualified for the New Balance National Outdoor track meet in the freshman 2 mile.

When did you start running and why?

In 3rd grade we were allowed to start sports at our school and both my parents ran so I decided to join the cross country team and I have loved it ever since.


XC or track and why?

I think XC, but that may be biased because I have not gotten a full track season yet. But I like the atmosphere around cross country and I like that it is more of a team sport while track feels like more individual.


Favorite memory as a NA runner?

I made a lot of good memories my first year as a NA runner. It is hard to pick a favorite but really just being with the team and having a good time. Whether it is long runs where we are in a group just talking and laughing, or bus rides up to meets. But some of my best memories are standing at the line with the boys early in the morning getting ready to start a race. It is just a great feeling.


Favorite team dinner meal?

Probably pasta. That is my go to food the night or 2 nights before a race.


Quarter zip or pullover with hood?

For running I prefer the quarter zip but to wear around I like hoodies.


What was the best race you ever had?

I would say my indoor 3200 where I ran a time of 10:12. It was my first ever 3200 race and I ran one second off of the indoor school record.


What are you looking forward to when we return?

I am just ready to be back running with the boys. It has been hard training by myself and I miss running and being with the team every day. It is special to get together with the team every day and run, talk, mess around. I miss it.


Why should someone join the team?

We have a lot of fun on the NA XC team. If you are someone wanting to try out a new sport cross country is a good place to come. Or if you participate in a winter or spring sport, XC will definitely help you a lot because you will get to race no matter what level you are on. We have a good team and we have a good time, we mess around, and we are all doing what we can to help the team be as good as possible. So I would definitely recommend coming out to cross country. Also S/O to coach Ellis, because if you listen to him and do what he says you will show major improvement in your running performance.