Boys Varsity Cross Country, Boys Varsity Track · In their own words

With no results to post New Albany track/cross country will feature a current athlete “In Their Own Words”, a reflection of their time on their team of choice. The first feature is senior Collin Malloy.

Achievements include: 2019 HHC 4×8 champion, 4×8 state meet participant,

2019 & 2020 cross country semi state 10th place team member.


When did you start running: I started running my sophomore year because I was inspired by my friends (Neil, Alex, and Max).

Track or cross country: I like the races for track more, but I prefer the cross country environment. During cross country we are our own group, we get along much better, we all bond and run together a lot more and the friends you make from it come a long way. It also allows you to be in better shape, and having a coach who cares as much as the other runners helps tremendously.

Favorite piece of gear: I prefer the pullover with a hood.

Favorite memory as a New Albany runner: would be the bus rides and just practicing together as a team. We were always laughing and could bond with our coach and everyone would be involved and it was always the greatest time.

The best race I had was: My junior year during track when we went to state in the 4×800 relay and I was able to run in front of everyone. Not only was it memorable, but I got to run against the best in the state and see the other best runners of the state and enjoy cheering on my teammates in their events.

Best team dinner: we went to Chad Sogge’s house and we had Texas Roadhouse to eat and got to watch a movie, play ping pong, or go play basketball in the pool with each other which was my favorite thing of them all.

What will you miss most: Being able to train with my best friends again. I looked forward to competing against high talent level teams and being able to race in the New Albany jersey.

Why join this team: Joining this team means a lot to me as I was just some random kid who had never tried running as a sport before; and I came to find my best friends from it and it be something I came to love to do. So I advise people to join it and try something new. But it takes a lot of determination to do and the environment of it is something special. Also racing against other good teams pushes you to be better and being on a successful team feels even better when you all want to win and are able to and having a coach I can talk to and can be around at any time also is a great benefit of joining this team.